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PA.CO. Pacifico Costruzioni S.p.A. has the qualification certificate S.O.A. n ° 27210 / 2017-17 / 00 issued by SOATEC SpA on 01/12/2017 also certifying the design and construction qualification up to the VIII classification for the categories and classifications listed below, as well as certification of a quality management system valid up to 09/15/2018 issued by ANCCP srl

Cat. OG1 Classification VIII (over Euro 15,490,000) Construction of civil, industrial buildings and their renovation or maintenance.

Cat. OG2 Classification VIII (over Euro 15,490,000) Restoration and maintenance of real estate subject to protection under the provisions on cultural and environmental heritage.

Cat. OG3 Classification VIII (over Euro 15,490,000) Construction, maintenance or renovation of roads, highways, bridges, viaducts, railways, tramways and underground lines, funiculars and airport runways, and related complementary works.

Cat. OG4 Classification VIII (over Euro 15,490,000) Concerns the construction, the maintenance or the restructuring, through the employment of specific technical means, of underground interventions that are necessary to allow the mobility on “rubber” and on ” iron”

Cat. OG6 Classification IV bis (up to € 3,500,000) Concerns the construction and maintenance for the defense of the territory from the above mentioned waterways, waterways, expansion basins and the foci settlements.

Cat. OG8 Classification II (up to Euro 516,000) Aqueducts, gas pipelines, oil pipelines, irrigation and evacuation works

Cat. OG11 Classification VI (up to Euro 10,329,000) Technological systems

Cat. OS1 Classification III bis (up to Euro 1,500,000) Excavation, restoration and modification of earth volumes, made by any means

Cat. OS2-A Class IV (up to Euro 2,582,000) Restoration of decorated surfaces of cultural heritage and cultural heritage of historical, artistic and archaeological heritage

Cat. OS4 Classification I (up to Euro 258,000) Supply, assembly, maintenance or renovation of conveyor systems, elevators and escalators, lifting

Cat. OS7 Classification III bis (up to Euro 1,500,000) Finishing of general construction works

Cat. OS9 Classification I (up to Euro 258,000) Supply and installation, maintenance or renovation of light signaling systems and safety of road, railway, underground or tramway traffic

Cat. OS21 Classification IV bis (up to € 3,500,000) Special structural works

Cat. OS25 Classification V ((up to Euro 5,165,000) Archaeological excavations

Cat. OS27 Classification III ((up to Euro 1,033,000) Installations for electric traction of any railway, subway or tramway

Cat. OS28 Classification II (up to Euro 516,000) Thermal and air conditioning systems

Cat. OS29 Classification IV (up to Euro 2,582,000) Supply, installation, systematic maintenance or restructuring of the tracks for any railway, subway or tramway

Cat. OS30 Classification IV (up to Euro 2,582,000) Internal electrical, telephone, radiotelephonic and television systems