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The great Brazilian architect gives the community the preliminary design of the new auditorium. On the basis of its drawings, the municipal administration elaborates the definitive form that is the basis of the integrated contract, the procedure for the drafting of the executive project and the execution of the work. The winning consortium entrusts its trusted technicians with the delicate task of executive design of a work of extraordinary architectural and landscape value. Architecture is perceived in a multisensory and multitemporal dimension that presupposes careful control of the parts that make up everything: in support of the ingenious intuition that draws a new space for the community, all the elements that make up the building must be in tune with “the idea” and be designed and built with the utmost care.
Important decisions were made in the drafting phase of the executives, linked to the formal and technical control of the details and the acoustic performance of the room. In addition, the building has been adapted to the existing regulations by transforming obligations into opportunities to achieve quality solutions. Niemeyer’s “vision” has created in all the actors involved in the creation of a feeling of attachment to the work out of the ordinary. A feeling that has catalyzed the company and designers to solve the various problems that arise in all stages of building such a peculiarly ardent