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The history of PA. CO.  Pacifico Costruzioni S.p.A.

150 years of projects and huge works

In the mid nineteenth century, the engineer Alessandro Gaetano Pacifico established the
building and construction company, which developed over time and gained several experiences, these days having acquired the
name PA.CO. Pacifico Costruzioni S.p.A.
The reconstruction of Messina, a Sicilian port city of very old origin, which was destroyed by the devastating earthquake occurred
in 1908, is amongst the first and most important frameworks in which the company has been able to prove to be well equipped,
with its specialised workmanship and state-of-the-art technologies, in order to face huge work commitments, and its operations
has been based on high engineering research, architecture and technical experimentation levels, all of this made available for the
preparation and implementation of antiseismic solutions.
The family tree includes the names of the managers, which during the years have managed the company. The founder has been
followed by the engineers Alfredo Pacifico senior, Mariano Pacifico and Arturo Pacifico, who was constantly assisted by his wife,
Mrs. Serenella de Martini. She was awarded the honour as Cavaliere del Lavoro [Labour’s Knight], and acted as link between history
and future, through her continuous and careful participation in the company’s strategic activities. The company is currently jointly
managed by the brothers Alfredo and Andrea Pacifico.
Professional fairness and the skill of making the necessary transformations in order to make the company be in step with times are
the common characteristics for all generations. The experiences gained during many years of activity in the field of construction
of public and private works have structured a company capable of facing considerably varied works according to dimensions and
These are attributable to different categories in the framework of the works on the built environment and the new buildings. The
company works in the field of renovation and preservation of big monumental, artistic and archaeological complexes, as well as with
industrial construction, technological plant engineering, hospital constructions, museum constructions, university construction and
specialised infrastructural works.
The planning, design and building with professional honesty of increasingly ambitious objectives are the distinguishing feature of
PA.CO. Pacifico Costruzioni S.p.A., which thanks to a modern corporate structure and the aware use of state-of-the-art operating
techniques stands out for the results achieved.

Research & Development, accompanied by the environment friendliness of the operations
for the compliance with the territory and its vocation, are the constant of this company, and are reflected by continuous
investments for the acquisition of state-of-the-art machineries, updates and training of the techniques regarding various
operating fields, and in the framework of the employment of highly-qualified personnel.
Within the wide and consolidated corporate experience, the role of technological innovation, being always connected with the
material culture of places and traditional techniques, is always very present and enables assured and measurable results.