Fiumicino Airport – Rome

A system was created for the purification of the first rain water coming from parking areas, uncovered areas of the “Leonardo Da Vinci” airport, through the creation of monoblock concrete tanks, capable of accumulating rainwater, decanting the sand contained in them and separate the oils through an oil separator with a coalescence filter and a floating shutter; a particular device inserted in the system signals the beginning and the end of the precipitation and commands the start of the pump, inserted in the tank, which starts a controlled flow rate to the oil separator and to the subsequent disposal.
– supply and installation of lead, hydrocarbon and phenol analyzer
– on-line instrumentation for the measurement of hydrocarbons and oils
– level meter in the gravimetric separator
– 120,000 KG of reinforcing iron for c.a.
– 50,000 KG of keller grating
– 15,000 excavation MCs
– 5,000 MC of armed cls
– labor force employed on average about 40 workers assigned to the various tasks