Polisportivo Center in S.Giorgio a Cremano – Naples

Realization of Polisportivo Center in S.Giorgio a Cremano – Naples . 

Made at the foot of Vesuvius and designed so that its architectural shape in part surrounds the current cone of the volcano. Its particularity is therefore in the structure: a cover made with a 30m high steel flagpole. and a double beam placed horizontally over 75 meters long.
– Implementation of lighting system with remote control electronic systems and remote control with related data transmission systems realized with optical fiber; Photometric, radiometric and colorimetric measurement for interiors and exteriors as well as control for the protection of visual hygiene
– All electrical, anti-intrusion, fire-prevention and air-conditioning systems have been designed to be managed and controlled by supervision and remote management systems using hardware and software
– international basketball court for 5,000 spectators
– 2 gyms of 1000 square meters with related services
– 1 multipurpose outdoor arena of 2000 seats with playground for basketball and more
– 2 tennis courts
– 15,000 square meters of gardens
– labor force employed on average about 50 workers assigned to the various tasks