Comiziano Project – Naples

Infrastructure intervention will be carried out in project finance and Pa.Co. Pacifico Costruzioni spa was awarded, at the end of a public proce- dure, a concession for construction and management planning. The area is located in the municipality of Comiziano and is located in the south of the municipal territory, is located along the SS 7 BIS State Road for Avellino. The surface area is 147.047 square meters, over 4.450 square meters of existing traffic, the main axis of which is the provincial road Trivio. Project choices are the result of optimizing compliance with the current PUA Implementation Techniques in one with the financial plan that will govern the construction and operation of the intervention. Despite these constraints, designers and the proposing company have proposed maximizing the infrastructure and all primary and secondary urbanization; the homogenization of the heights of the commercial artifacts to that of industrial / industrial buildings to minimize environmental impacts, uniformize the skyline and planimetric distribution of macro-productive areas.
The main indicators of the intervention are:
Industrial building, commercial, office, tertiary industrial area: 90.123 – n ° 15 lots-
Common Equipment Surface: sqm 10,370.
Equipped public green area: 9,925 mq.
Parking area: mq 10.141.