Restoration of the Town Hall in S. Giovanni a Teduccio – Naples

Former Municipal seat of San Giovanni a Teduccio, dating back to 1600, where for its conservative restoration, dehumidifying antisalini plasters were used, given its proximity to the sea, and innovative innovative techniques of intervention. Furthermore, structural work was carried out due to the excessive deformability of the slabs, to the changes in the seismic regulations and to the changed use of the building, according to the following scheme:
– A) replacement of deteriorated structural elements
– B) Integration in device structures to improve the building response to seismic actions
– C) requalification of the mechanical characteristics of the walls
– D) reinforcement of the floors of the floors by inserting iron sections
– 250.000 CM of armed perforations
– 25,000 joints for scaffolding
– 10,000 ML of electric cables and special lines
– 5.000 MQ of plasters
– 1,000 MQ of dehumidifying plasters
average workforce employed about 30 workers assigned to the various tasks