Design Auditorium Oscar Niemeyer in Ravello – Naples

As is well known, everything is part of the preliminary project that the great Brazilian architect has given to the community. This extraordinary insight was drawn up by the municipal administration as a definitive project, which was put up for tender with the integrated contract system and determined the choice of the business consortium and the relevant engineers responsible for drafting the executive project. An architecture is perceived in a multi-sensorial and multi-temporal dimension that presupposes careful control of the details that make up the whole; Alongside a particular spatial intuition, which fortunately in this case is brilliant, all the elements of the building must be in harmony with “intuition” and be designed and built with the proper care. Important decisions were made in the drafting phase of the executives, linked to the formal and technical control of the details and the acoustic performance of the room. In addition, the building has been adapted to existing regulations by trying to take advantage of the opportunity to achieve quality solutions rather than sterile constraints. The Niemeyer project has created a feeling of attachment to work out of the ordinary in all the actors involved. A feeling that has catalyzed the company and designers dedicated to solving the endless problems that have arisen in the realization of this work so pure and bold.