Design of F3 and F4 recovery buildings – Naples

The project involves the recovery and reconversion of office buildings of the two industrial buildings (ex Snia – Viscosa) located in the complex of NAPOLI EST located in San Giovanni a Teduccio. The intervention, promoted by PA.CO. Pacific Buildings S.p.A. alongside architect Francesco Scardaccione as coordinator of architectural design, is part of the innumerable areas of intervention in which the company has demonstrated its professionalism.
The original structure of the two buildings F3 and F4 is fixed by the use of monochromium in blackboard-cobalt tone recalling the historical memory of the old architecture. The gap between old and new features is highlighted by the use of steel as a material for the construction of access doors to buildings, the connecting girders between the two buildings and the windows and as a component of the curbing of the façades, consisting of the identification numbers of the two buildings in the corner position, which externally characterize the two artifacts with respect to the context and allow for remote recognition. For both buildings, the area of ​​†<†<office real estate units vary from a minimum of 60 sqm to a maximum of 400 sq. M