Design of Pru di Soccavo – Naples

The project interprets the places to which it belongs and “dialogues” with the overall urban retraining plan foreseen by P.R.U. approved by the Municipal Administration of Naples. The idea assigns the site a collective place value for a wider urban part, draws a “park with public and private equipment”, an area where geography and orography dictate the conditions of a permeability of the area , knock down the idea of ​​enclosures and constraints. The project identifies the place of the square-park, agora to which the whole neighborhood belongs, in a “soft” central area on the sides, connected to the public road system to its outline that invokes a unit on which the school equipment kindergarten, primary care services and residences. An orographic settlement system that makes constraints a resource for networking, but above all a place to cross to connect parts that are designed to be together. A place that houses an environment of trees and meadows, cycle-pedestrian areas and outdoor sports areas along the level curve paths in the area