Design: 1) Studios of Bagnoli 

1) The project, born from the work of the studio Ishimoto Europe and architect Francesco Scardaccione, and presented by PA.CO. Pacifico Costruzioni S.p.A., wins the competition for the studios of Bagnoli. The project involves the creation of a center for cinematographic production within the building of former mechanical works, whose construction dates back to 1910, located in the Bagnolifutura area.

2) Industrial Restoration “Ex Interfan” in Naples

2) Reconstruction and refurbishment of the industrial complex “ex INTERFAN” The building complex called “INTERFAN”, which has been dismantled for years, is an example of industrial architecture in the 1960s; the sloping roof covering, the so-called ‘shed’, the cooling tower become elements of the language of the new architectural solution. The synergy between PA.CO. Pacific Buildings and the architect Francesco Scardaccione concretizes in a remarkable value added to a wider transformation of the city. The project consists of the reuse and re-initialization of the entire complex through the separation and division of spaces by typologies, internally distributing productive spaces of goods and services and offices.

3) Industrial Restoration “Buildings F3 and F4” in Naples

) Complex F3-F4 – The project involves the recovery and reconversion of office buildings of one of the two industrial buildings (ex Snia – Viscosa) located in the NAPOLI EST complex located in San Giovanni a Teduccio. The F4 building has been the object of work aimed at maintaining the best preserved initial structures, through timely interventions of structural reconciliation and adaptation to existing legislation.