Interport Campano of Nola – Naples

Extended on a 3,000,000 square metres, of which 500,000 are indoor, Nola Interport is the largest in Italy. In addition to 236,000 square metres of yards, which enable the contemporary parking of approximately 3,000 articulated lorries, the Interport has an internal traffic system of 24 km between roads and viaducts. It attracts all types of goods thanks to the combination between the various methods of transportation – water means, railway means, lorries, airplanes. Furthermore, the Interport is linked by railway to the main ports, included, but not limited to Taranto, Naples and Salerno. It is the only Italian Interport fitted with its own carriers, with an internal electrified railway station of 13 track pairs, and is included in the national network with the name ‘Nola-Interport’. The station is managed by the Italian Railway Network, and is handled with the transport exchange terminal, which is the core of the nterport. This is the only reality in the field of logistics. Also Fiat Auto, MSC and Alstom have chosen to localise a base here. Interporto Campano SpA has purchased shareholdings within Gesac-Baa, which manages Capodichino, International airport, as well as within Terminal Napoli, which coordinates the cruise trading terminal of the Stazione Marittima (sea station). 30,000,000 t. per year is the potential of goods moving at full capacity in the interport system – 3,000,000 square meters. of surface – 500.000 mq. covered – 236,000 square meters. of squares that allow the contemporary stop three thousand Tir – 225,000 square meters. intermodal terminal – 180,000 cubic meters. of refrigerated warehouses, with multipurpose cells from 0 ° to -30 ° – 100,000 square meters refrigerated warehouses with multi-purpose cells from 0 ‘to -30’ for the Pole of cold – 2,500 employees – 175 companies present – 24 km. of roads and viaducts to service the structure – 1 electrified internal train station with 13 pairs of tracks managed by Trenitalia, Nola station – Interport