Filangieri Institute – Naples

The Municipality of Naples, taking up a project of the Superintendency of Connection, has started the restoration of the former Filangieri complex to be used as a Citadel of Artistic Craftsmanship. The former Filangieri Institute is an integral part of the complex of S. Gregorio Armeno.
The restoration project aims at the recomposition of a single cultural and tourist circuit. The building of the former boarding school Filangieri is the main moment of a tourist-productive tour of Naples.
The archeology survey inside this building has returned an articulated and complex stratigraphic sequence with particular reference to a series of buildings dated to the 18th century. The archaeological excavations have revealed, besides the presence of a Roman settlement, also one of the rarest if not the only example of a road beaten in tuff taglime dating back to the Greek era in relation to a mighty wall structure in large blocks of tuff lined with the road and probably referable to a building.
– 10,000 sq.m of plaster
– 5.000 MQ of scaffolding mounted on the facades
– 5.000 MQ of majolica flooring
– 3,000 MC of demolition of mixed structures
– 2,000 MC of archaeological excavation
average workforce employed about 60 workers assigned to the various tasks