Restoration of Palazzi Memmo – Cà Cappiello (Venice)

Restoration of the Palazzi Memmo – Cà Cappiello and Istituto Prov. for Children – S. Maria Della Pietà – Venice

Restoration and refurbishment of part of the historical compendium of the Provincial Institute for abandoned children “S. Maria della Pietà “in kindergarten, balia and housing community. Particularly significant as an intervention is the restoration of wooden floors with replacement and / or restoration of the damaged parts with final protective treatment after structural reinforcement of the floors by inserting metal profiles. In addition, Venetian terrazzo floors and old-fashioned marmorino plasterwork have been created.
– Construction of temalic systems, internal and external road electrical systems, and complete thermomechanical plants with relative thermal power stations and transformers of electricity
– All electrical, anti-burglar, fire and air conditioning systems have been designed to be managed and controlled by supervision and remote management systems using hardware, software and data transmission using optical fiber
; Photometric, radiometric and colorimetric measurement for interiors and exteriors as well as control for the protection of visual hygiene

– 30,000 KG of metal profiles in iron
– 1,900 square meters of Venetian floors
– 10.000 SQM of antique type marmorino plaster
– 1,300 square meters of restoration of wooden floors
– 1,500 square meters of REI 120 plasterboard
– labor force employed on average about 50 workers assigned to the various tasks