Calabritto’s Methane – Avellino

Realization of a Methane in the municipalities of Calabritto and Quaglietta – Avellino. 

Pipeline built on the rugged mountainous hills of the Avellinese area, with crossings carried out in rocks using the push-tube technique. Medium and low pressure pipeline realized with the most advanced techniques of avant-garde safety and compliance with CEI European standards under the direct supervision of Napoletanagas. In addition, medium to low pressure reduction units have been built, as well as a high to medium pressure transformer station
– Cathodic protection across the board against electrical discharges wandering in the ground
– Design and construction of all uprights to buildings
– 16,000 ML of injected pipe n welding steel with a diameter of mm.200
– 14,000 ML of drawn steel aerial piping
– 600 gas meters
– 6 G.R, F. (final pressure reduction groups) from medium to low pressure
– 2 high to medium pressure transformer cabin
– labor force employed on average about 35 workers assigned to the various tasks