Brusciano Methane – Naples

Realization of a pipeline in the municipality of Brusciano (Naples). 

Medium and low pressure pipeline made with the most advanced techniques of safety and compliance with CEI European standards and under the direct supervision of Napoletanagas. In addition, medium to low pressure reduction units as well as a high- to medium-pressure transformer cabin have been constructed
– Construction of two underpasses under the railways of the State Railways through the use of pipe-pulling machines, sheathing of the pipes in as many steel tubes with a diameter of mm.600 and relative vents
– Cathodic protection across the board against electrical discharges wandering in the ground
– Design and construction of all uprights to buildings
– 95,000 ML of underground piping n steel to be welded diam. 300
– 60,000 ML of drawn steel aerial piping
– 3,000 gas meters
– 6 G.R, F. (final pressure reduction groups) from medium to low pressure
– 2 high to medium pressure transformation cabins
– labor force employed on average about 50 workers assigned to the various tasks