Museum of Capodimonte: conference room – Naples

Construction of a conference room inside the Reggia di Capodimonte, a museum that houses a vast collection of famous porcelain and an important art gallery. Multi-purpose room with perfect acoustics controlled and verified with advanced technology tools. – To obtain a good acoustic value, sound-absorbing panels were used both on the walls and under the floors as well as on the roofing structures, Supply and installation of a UTA (air treatment unit) and two groups of refrigeration units for air conditioning air through adjustable long-throw nozzles.
– Implementation of lighting system with remote control electronic systems and remote control with related data transmission systems realized with optical fiber; Photometric, radiometric and colorimetric measurement for interiors and exteriors as well as control for the protection of visual hygiene
– Software configuration and customization of the control panels according to the sensors connected and managed, asynchronous communication protocol software package between the supervision system and the peripheral units.
– All the electrical, anti-intrusion, fire and air conditioning systems have been designed to be managed and controlled by supervision and remote management systems using hardware and software and tbx made in the field, with video matrix, including laying over 4,000 ml of fiber cables optics
– 90.000 KG of iron for metal carpentry held to the ceiling by means of chemical pins
– 30,000 CM of armed perforations
– 35,000 ML of electric cables and special lines (anti-intrusion, fire detection, cameras, signaling and data transmission)
– 1,300 square meters of sound-absorbing panels
– 1.000 MQ of plasterboard REI 180 GRC Stucal of 19 mm
– 300 MQ of precious wood cladding
– labor force employed on average about 60 workers assigned to the various tasks