Museum of Duke of Martina – Villa Floridiana – Naples

Preparation of an underground room located below the entrance level of the nineteenth-century villa, home to a museum with a large collection of porcelains, glass and majolica of rare beauty, immersed in a park of great historical and artistic interest.
– Implementation of lighting system with remote control electronic systems and remote control with related data transmission systems realized with optical fiber; Photometric, radiometric and colorimetric measurement for interiors and exteriors as well as control for the protection of visual hygiene
– All the electrical, anti-intrusion, fire and air conditioning systems have been designed to be managed and controlled by supervision and remote management systems using hardware and software and tbx made in the field
– Supply and installation of a UTA air treatment unit and two groups of refrigeration units for air conditioning through adjustable long-throw nozzles.
– 10,000 KG of iron for metal structural work
– 2,500 MQ of treatment and restoration of pre-existing concrete
– 10,000 ML of electric cables and special lines (anti-intrusion, fire detection, cameras, signaling and data transmission)
– 2,300 square meters of false ceiling in aluminum and plasterboard slats
– 1,000 MQ of precious marble flooring according to design
– average workforce employed about 30 workers assigned to the various tasks