Railway Museum of Pietrarsa in Portici – Naples

Former railway station built at the time of the Bourbons in 1839, transformed into a museum, one of a kind, which covers an area of ​​over 36,000 square meters. In it there are currently 24 steam and 4-phase locomotives. All the buildings have been completely restored for a total volume of about 100,000 cubic meters. The arrangement of the adjacent sea cliff, the paving in basoli and the internal railway network was also carried out.
– Implementation of lighting system with remote control electronic systems and remote control with related data transmission systems realized with optical fiber; Photometric, radiometric and colorimetric measurement for interiors and exteriors as well as control for the protection of visual hygiene
– All the electrical, anti-intrusion, fire and air conditioning systems have been designed to be managed and controlled by supervision and remote management systems using hardware and software and tbx made in the field
– 1.000.000 KG of iron for concrete reinforcement
– 10,000 MC of concrete
– 24,000 square meters of plaster
– 10,000 sq.m of anti-humidifying interventions by means of a chemical barrier
– 12,000 square meters of roofs in tiles to the Neapolitan
– 11,000 square meters of paving in basoli
– 1.000 MQ of glazing-infix
– average workforce employed about 120 workers assigned to the various tasks