New buildings – Sails at Scampia 8 – 9 and 10 – Naples

The redevelopment program of the Scampia district aims at housing the current residents of the “Vele”, with a program of public housing, and the activation of a process of urban redevelopment and socio-economic revitalization in order to recover a full refunctionalization of the territory di Scampia, through an articulated set of initiatives and interventions, contained in a unified and coordinated program, with defined implementation times.
The project involves the construction of a total of 930 new apartments in five-storey buildings with attached shops, arcades and squares.
SAILS 8-9-10:
Realization, after the demolition of the existing buildings called “Vele”, of buildings, in mixed structure in c.a. and steel with a length of about 200 ml., for 54 private accommodation, commercial premises and ample parking with green areas.
– 1.800.000 KG of iron for armor c.a.
– 55,000 square meters of plaster
– 9,000 ML of large diameter bored piles
– 8,000 square meters of floors
– 10,000 MC of concrete
– labor force employed on average about 45 workers assigned to the various tasks