Hospital of Teano – Caserta

Ancient complex located on the Acropolis of Teano, a place of ancient traditions and important archaeological finds dating back to the Roman Empire. In particular, the renovation concerned the plants with the application of advanced techniques, the construction of a substation for the transformation of electricity from high to medium voltage, an air treatment unit with a methane-gas network and finally a storage tank for fire fighting, all monitored through supervision systems. Archaeological excavations were also carried out within the scope of the contract, with the consequent discovery of important historical artefacts.
– All electrical, anti-intrusion, fire-fighting and air-conditioning systems have been designed to be managed and controlled by supervision and remote management systems using hardware and software.
– 1,500 MC of archaeological excavation
– 2.000 MQ of wall restoration of the cyclopean wall
– 1.200 ML of piling with a diameter of mm. 500
– 5,000 square meters of ceramic terracotta floor
– 2,500 square meters of vinyl flooring and coatings
– 2,500 square meters of aluminum and mineral fiber ceiling
– 500 MQ of sealed ceiling for operating rooms
– 500 MQ of PVC doors
– 500 square meters of marble floors
– average workforce employed about 30 workers assigned to the various tasks