Palazzo Foscolo – Treviso

The restoration of Palazzo Foscolo, built in the sixteenth century, highlighted the typical characteristics of the Venetian villa of the ‘500: tripartite facade, arched windows on the main floor, central element with loggia balustrade both on the front and on the back, large atrium passing on the ground floor that becomes a hall on the two upper floors which is accessed by a staircase full of stuccos. In particular we proceeded: to the restoration of the Venetian floors with the integration of the missing parts, to the recovery of the monumental staircase with the replacement and / or integration of some steps with marble chips, to the rebuilding of the gates by expert chisellers they have respected and preserved the original characteristics. The wooden trusses have been replaced with recovery and restoration of the damaged ones. Dehumidifying plasters were made on the walls. Realization of internal and external temio, electrical, anti-intrusion, fire-fighting systems and complete thermomechanical plants with relative thermal power stations, all built to be managed and controlled by supervision and remote management systems using hardware and software
– 30,000 KG of metal profiles in iron
– 1,900 square meters of Venetian floors
– 1,000 square meters of roofing with wooden trusses and purlins
– 800 MQ of wooden floors
– 10,000 ML of electric cables
– labor force employed on average about 40 workers assigned to the various tasks