Planning Pru of Sant’Alfonso – Naples

The Urban Recovery Program in Poggioreale concerns the upgrading of the E.R.S district. Sant’Alfonso with the aim of building a new urban center. The project includes some public facilities – square, nursery, public parking and sports facilities, three urban parks and new road – integrated into the realization of private, commercial and productive private intervention. Public equipment retrieves the existing settlement structure and reconciles the provision of services to the inhabitants. The directional lot is in a barycentric position between the public interventions of P.R.U. and the road links of the Tangenziale di Napoli, the main motorways, the Airport and the Central Station. The complex is built on a large central void, a “green square” that becomes the element of the factory’s appearance for basic, commercial, service-manufacturing, craft-craftsmanship and advanced tertiary tertiary activities.