Project Studios of Bagnoli – Naples

The project, originated from the work of the Ishimoto Europe studio and architect Francesco Scardaccione, and presented by PA.CO. Pacifico Costruzioni S.p.A., wins the competition for the studios of Bagnoli. The project involves the creation of a center for cinematographic production within the building of former mechanical works, whose construction dates back to 1910, located in the Bagnolifutura area. The ability to function as a “production machine” will add the ability to function as a “dialog machine”, a tool that can interfere with external users, able to “promote” studios, welcome events, and catalyze activities and interest. The goal was to indicate each of the “machines” (the one for cinema and tv productions, the one for interaction and the one for wellbeing) as the clasters, the parts of a complex system such as the ” building as a whole, and work on each of these parts with the aim of interacting with each other these complex elements, making them interact best, using links (vertical, horizontal, oblique, imaginary etc.) such as the spine, spine of the building system as a whole.