Restoration of streets and cavalcs of Milan

Extraordinary maintenance work was carried out on the overpasses and underpasses in the areas from 1 to 9 of Milan.
The processes can be listed as follows: hydro-sandblasting, hydrodemolition, integration of reinforcement rods with stainless steel bars, stainless steel mesh laying, reconstruction of concrete coverings, shaving with rheoplastic mortars, castings with rheoplastic beton, road signs, construction or replacement of road joints.
– 5.500 ml. anchors, fixings, grouting, clogging with epoxy grout based on bicomponent epoxy resin and siliceous aggregates
– 92,000 ml. anti-corrosive anticorrosive protection of reinforcing rods with passivating grout based on cements, selected aggregates, resins and additives,
– 60,000 square meters cleaning of black crusts and biological patinas from sedimentary stone materials
– 30,000 square meters sandblasting
– 30,000 square meters reconstruction of the iron cover
– 30,000 square meters shaving with rheoplastic mortars
– 10,000 square meters cast with rheoplastic plaster
– 1,000 cubic meters excavation in an archaeological context
– 5.000 ml. New Jersey vibrated reinforced concrete road barrier
– 3.000 ml. metal security barrier,
– 7,000 ml. horizontal signage