San Giovanni – Palazzine F3 – F4

The project provides for the recovery and reconversion of two industrial buildings for offices. Some original structures of the F3 and F4 blocks have been preserved through specific consolidation and regulatory adjustments. The evolution of the artefacts, between the old and the new function, is highlighted by the steel used for the realization of the access portals, connecting walkways and windows. The intervention modifies the staircases according to the new requirements and provides for a system of energy-saving systems.
– 3.500.000 kg. of iron for concrete reinforcement
– 88,000 square meters of plaster
– 35,000 cubic meters. concrete
– 40,000 square meters of industrial flooring
– 12,000 square meters of fixtures
– 10,000 square meters of structural rehabilitation interventions with carbon fibers
– 80 workers assigned to the various manpower jobs employed on average