NTV High Speed Station – Nola – Naples

The maintenance facility, a jewel of the most advanced technology, is located in Nola in the CIS Interporto Campano district. In the area of Maintenance Offices, approximately 30,000 sqm of covered area has been built with approximately 55,000 sqm of equipped area with tracks for a total of 140 square meters
The area is fully infra-structure with service buildings and two large storage halls crossed by driveways, for short-term and long-distance maintenance.
In addition, a 3.500 sqm surface was fitted with a pair of equipped platform platforms, an automated system for carrying out AGV’s full flushing activity, sanitary wiring, electronic monitoring for track equipment and train control through the following activities: 
Sand filling station for specific train tanks • Wheel control: through a system on which wheel conditions are checked with micrometric values ​​• A shelter below which the cleaning is carried out materially – sanitation of the interior and of the toilets of the trains; • A shed where major maintenance work is carried out. All the rails that are accessed are resting on steel columns to facilitate operator access to the underlying train; • A warehouse of tools and spare parts, and includes a cleaning room with direct access from the outside; • A workshop with equipment for turning, repairing and washing carts, engine repair, glass replacement, upholstery repairs, offices, PCO control room, local SCADA, technology room communications, meeting room, relaxation room used. There are also the dressing services of the workers; • A building called a lathe, this factory houses a high-precision machine for turning the on-site wheels; • Technology Locale: welcomes the power supply booths ENEL, local transformers, battery cabinets, MT room, BT office room, office with ancillary services; • Compressed Air Centers • Access Control: is intended for traffic control / pedestrian access, car and truck transport. • Armaments of railways, exchanges and rails, as well as their electrification – 145,000 square meters. intervention surface – 30,000.00 square meters. covered area – 55,000.00 square meters area equipped with tracks – 3.500.00 square meters surface with a pair of platform rails attached