Ca Foscari University – Realization of a Gym – Venice

Multi-sports facility built inside the Venetian university, Palazzo Foscari, a former patrician residence surprising for its location – Calle dei Guardiani – and for its elegant architectures.
The main feature of the system is the laminated wood covering of over 1200 square meters. with beams of about one meter high. On this structure, copper plates were placed as final finishing. At the base of this building have been carried out micropiles for the reinforcement of the foundations and the nails in the canton of the walls for the static consolidation. The pre-existing walls have been integrated and restored with old-style bricks and with non-invasive types of intervention. Large structural windows surround the outer perimeter walls while the floors are parquet for sports fields.
1,200 square meters of laminated wood covering
1,000 MQ of sports parquet
4,000 square meters of masonry
facilities dedicated to different sports activities
construction of an air treatment plant
average workforce employed about 40 workers assigned to the various tasks