University of Fisciano – Aula Magna, Library and road network – Salerno

These interventions are part of the ever-expanding Fisciano university campus because it currently gathers over 40,000 students from all over the South of Italy and from the neighboring municipalities on the American imprint.
– Construction of temalic systems, internal and external road electrical systems, and complete thermomechanical plants with relative thermal power stations and electrical energy transformer stations
– All electrical, anti-intrusion, fire-prevention and air-conditioning systems have been designed to be managed and controlled by supervision and remote management systems using hardware and software
– 350,000 kg of iron for armor c.a.
– 70,000 excavation MCs
– 20,000 ML of electric cables
– 15,000 KG of galvanized channels
– 5,000 MC of concrete
average workforce employed about 50 workers assigned to the various tasks