Restoration of the Villa Arbusto – Lacco Ameno – Ischia – Naples

The restoration of the Museum has been carried out according to the modern museography and preserves over three thousand archaeological finds that have made Pithecusae the oldest Greek settlement in southern Italy.
The Villa Arbusto complex consists of six buildings and a botanical garden with rare plants on which the survey methodology for the survey of the vegetation composition of the park and the historic garden was applied.
– Construction of a 20000-volt-ampere electric power transformer cabin, including an electric generator and UPS (uninterruptible power supply)
– All the electrical, anti-intrusion, fire and air conditioning systems have been designed to be managed and controlled by supervision and remote management systems using hardware and software and tbx made in the field. Realization of network cards for the punctual control of each operating unit indicating the status and the way of use through a digital and analogical control, with video matrix, hardware and software expansion, including the laying of more than 20.000 ml of fiber optic cables
– 900,000 CM of armed perforations
– 50,000 ML of electric cables and special lines
– 30,000 ML of piping in pead
– 30,000 KG of armored iron frames
– 10,000 square meters of paving in basoli, tufa, porphyry and Tuscan cotto
– 8,000 ML of armed micropiles
– 5.000 MQ of dehumidifying and anti-sisal plasters
– 3,000 ML of reinforced piles with a diameter of 1000 mm
– 3.000 square meters of facing facing with local stones
– 1,500 arboreal plants
– 500 ml. Linear restoration of pre-existing frames
– average workforce employed about 110 workers assigned to the various tasks